Electromechanical vertical batch freezer (G20)

  • • Large capacity vertical freezing cylinder.
    • Electromechanical Control.
    • Freezing cycle with time setting.
    • End-cycle buzzer.
    • Speed selection switch: standard, for the production cycle and 2 speeds for the gelato extraction with reversal of the rotation sense.
    • Floor- standing models (on wheels).
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  • The “G20”, “G30” and “G60” vertical batch freezers have been specifically designed for the easy production of quality ice cream to suit the most common pan sizes. Extremely reliable and easy to maintain. These machines are conceived both for the experienced gelato master, who will appreciate the superior quality of their products in terms of consistency and texture, as well as for the beginner who has just started approaching the world of gelato and who will love their simplicity

    • Very reliable machines, extremely easy to use.
    • Contained sizes.
    • Freezing system working both on the cylinder walls and bottom aimed to obtain the perfect consistency of the product.
    • Removable Stainless steel beater, with plastic mobile scrapers acting on walls and bottom of the cylinder.
    • Removable door with incorporated safety grid which allows an easy cleaning.
    • The door design allows the operator to put and display the product into the gelato pans according to the last decoration trends.
    • The wide extraction hole allows a quick ejection of the products; put the pan right below the extraction hole to avoids the products to get in contact with other surfaces during the extraction. This improves the quality of the ice cream which comes out as particularly “dry”.
    • Transparent cover for an easy inspection of the product during the freezing cycle.
    • Height adjustable stainless-steel shelf.

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405 x 795 x 1080 mm




8 (hours) x 20 kg = 160 kg per day




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