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is applied for stuffing special casings different spreads, such as pate, beef, cheese, butter, etc.
Applying of this equipment provides adherence to hygiene procedures, which is very important for billet shops and catering establishments.
In the model IS 16 IDR 220 on support installation type.
Also Sausage stuffer IS 16 IDR 220 has robust construction and qualitative internal components, that guarantees significant term of smooth operation.
Used in manufacture case material – stainless steel.
Due to the application of this represented Sausage stuffer catering establishments can produce a wide range of quality products,
including wieners, sausages etc.

Sold By:  : Nairobi Kitchen Care



– Machines of simple design, but manufactured with high quality materials and details:

– Strong structure made of stainless steel.

– Completely cleanable by means of a water sprinkle.

– Stainless steel AISI 304 cylinder standing to the newest sanitary-hygienic norms, with no edge inside of it and no weld rests, to simplify the cleaning.

– Completely realized standing to the most up to date accidental prevention norms, with protection on cylinder and low tension treadle drive.

– Pistons provided with air exhaust valve.

– Forward feeding adjustable by means of knob.

– Backward feeding always at nighest speed.

Additional information

Weight 71 kg
Dimensions 131 × 28 × 36 cm

Product Type

Piston Stroke

520 mm


520 – Hp 0,7


16 ltrs

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